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In 2004, the united states major preoccupation was the ongoing war in iraq. The whole truth about the iraq war, a documentary that was critical of the bush administrations drive to war, took only four and a half months from conception to. The war on iraq, lends his producing imprimatur to a. Despite its slant, the movie offers some illuminating details, and director robert greenwald constructs a solid argument that the iraq war was driven more by expedient politics than facts. Uncovered could easily come off as dull or strident, but the administrations arrogance and disregard for the safeguards and transparency necessary for democracy give the documentary an outraged charge that overshadows its staid execution. Conceived by robert greenwald in june 2003 and completed five. Robert greenwald does a very methodical job with this film. All are available on amazon but all are the same product.

Iraq uncovered watch s2017 e16 frontline pbs official. Completing a trilogy that should be required viewing for all americans. Chemical secrets of the iraq war the new york times. What a political alliance between two iraq warera militia leaders means for the u. Enter your location to see which movie theaters are playing uncovered.

Pages in category iraq war films the following 53 pages are in this category, out of 53 total. Any conclusion that haditha does not constitute a contemporary my lai mas. On 19 march 1982 an iranian f4e was badly damaged by a missile fired by an iraqi mig25. Greenwalds 2003 film uncovered, later updated to uncovered. An iraq war satire without the bite based on a true story, this comedy from the director of the hangover isnt daring enough to be truly outrageous.

In order to expose the bush administration for misleading the public about the iraq war, greenwald. There is nothing new in robert greenwalds sobering doc about how the bush administration engineered a war based on. Not a humanitarian intervention human rights watch. Jan 23, 2008 uncovered chronicles the bush administrations determination to invade iraq following the events of september 11. The bush administrations determined quest to invade iraq following the events of. The war on iraq began as a 58minute dvd release in december 2003, and has now been expanded, with financial support from. A compilation of videos from internet archive users about the iraq war and the issues and events surrounding it are collected here. S intelligence and defense officials, foreign service experts and u. Another volume to add to the big book of dubya as the devil, but this deserves its own special.

The film examines the administrations argument for war through interviews with u. The war on iraq is a smashingly effective documentary i found it more resonant than fahrenheit 911 yet to say that its preaching to the converted would be generous. While some films criticize armed conflicts in a general sense, others focus on acts within a specific war, such as the use of poison gas or the genocidal killing of civilians e. The mig25 was in service with the iraqi air force during the iraniraq war. The film centers on two myths about the iraq war that fall apart upon close scrutiny. This is a movie for those people who are not completely appalled, because if. The war on iraq, the film follows the passage of the controversial legislation through congress, the effect critics say it had on arabs. When the war began, 72% of americans polled supported it. The war on iraq 2004 using a wealth of different sources, robert greenwald investigates the motives and pretexts of the administration of former president george w. The war on iraq is an incisive 2004 documentary that explores how the bush administration may have distorted intelligence reports. Using a wealth of different sources, robert greenwalds 2004 film investigates the motives and pretexts of the administration of former president. War movies 2003 every war movie coming out in 2003. In this documentary feature, filmmaker robert greenwald chronicles the bush administrations case to invade iraq following the events of sept.

Oct, 2004 the second of his two documentaries on the 20034 iraq war, robert greenwald continues pushing a case against that war by claiming to expose the truth about that war, a case that has become gospel among liberal circles but which is not aging very well. The war on iraq, find and apply to jobs that match your skills, and connect with people to advance your career. The film sets out to prove that the narrative about. In shifting sands 2001 back to babylon 2002 about baghdad 2003 baghdad or bust 2004 control room 2004 inside iraq. One of the most often cited factors for this is the lack of conscription. The war on iraq dvd, 2004 at the best online prices at ebay. This article investigates the use of popular culture films by the united states military during the iraq war. Just how all of these lies coalesced into such a debacle that it took bushs successor barack obama to extricate us from is told in documentary filmmaker robert greenwalds incisive 2004 film uncovered. This message resonated with many national securityconscious americans, even while overall support for the iraq war decreased.

This is a chronological list of iraq war related documentaries. American attitudes toward the war continued to favor the use of force as the right decision until after the 2004 election. Uncovered has no interest in explaining the bush administrations case for war for them. How to make a guerrilla documentary the new york times. The war in iraq chronicles the bush administrations determined quest to invade iraq following the events of september 11, 2001. The whole truth about the iraq war dvd, 2004 at the best online prices at ebay. The war on iraq 2004 new factory sealed dvd free shipping uncovered. May 24, 2004 growing public concern about the war in iraq, the coming handover of power to iraqis on june 30, and the prisoner abuse scandals there, have taken their toll on evaluations of president george w. The war on iraq, as impressive in its way as david hares play stuff happens, lines up 26 witnesses with years of experience in. Talking points for rumsfeldfranks meeting in november 2001 outline policy makers aims for the conflict and postwar rule of iraq. Unprecedented the 2000 presidential election 2004 campaign edition. The institute for policy studies and foreign policy in focus just released a new study titled paying the price.

The tuttle tapes 2004 last letters home 2004 soldiers pay 2004 uncovered. Mar 21, 2017 i was not prepared for the level of killing. We first examine why the 2003 mission to capture saddam hussein was named after red dawn, the 1984 film about the soviet invasion and occupation of the american heartland, and how it helped define u. The whole truth about the iraq war, this film presents powerful and tragic. According to several of the military, diplomatic and intelligence insiders in the film, some. The whole truth about the iraq war 2004, a 56minute video documentary that became a grassroots hit in 2003. If the american people and congress had been told the whole truth, america would have never gone to war. Its not sensationalist like michael moores farenheit 911 so it goes at a slower pace but it only serves. With david albright, robert baer, milton bearden, rand beers.

The bush administrations decision to go to war with iraq in 2003 is scrutinized in this documentary. November 30 2004 the usled war in iraq has created a healthcare disaster in a country where 20 years of war, mismanagement and. The mounting costs of the iraq war that examines the costs of the war and. This dvd is being marketed under numerous titles, with different cover art. Iraqi mig25s made another kill against iran in february 1983, when an iraqi mig25pd shot down an iranian c. The war on iraq is a 2004 documentary film directed by robert greenwald that builds the case that the george w.

The war on iraq 2004 new factory sealed dvd free shipping. November 7 the united states marine corps and the united states army 1st infantry division launched the bloodiest offensive of the iraq war on november 7, 2004, operation phantom fury against the insurgency in the city of fallujah. Because of its popularity, producerdirector robert greenwald expanded and updated the film for the 2004 cannes film festival and it was subsequently picked up for theatrical distribution. Because the iraq war was not mainly about saving the iraqi people from. The war on iraq is a 2004 documentary film directed by robert greenwald that builds the case that the. Oct, 2004 this film is an extended version of uncovered. Iraq war, conflict in iraq 200311 that consisted of two phases.

Bush administration intentionally deceived the american people in order to justify going to war in iraq in 2003. Greenwald views these matters of such urgency that this film is a reedited, longer version of his 2003 film uncovered. The whole truth about the iraq war is a devastating analysis of the abuses and distortions of intelligence used by the bush administration in making its case for the war in iraq. Sets decapitation of government as early goal of combat. Saddam hussein and international terrorism has been discovered. The film ends up preaching to the choir, merely restating what the antiwar contingent has been saying all along, but it serves an important purpose for. Fiction film war film iraq war hair raising great films documentary film feature film i movie rage what others are saying the blood of my brother shows the war in iraq from the perspective of an iraqi family grieving the loss of a son who was killed by an american patrol as he stood guard at a mosque. Oct 07, 2014 the trailer was released this week for the upcoming war film american sniper, directed by clint eastwood and starring bradley cooper, hitting theaters on christmas day. Uncovered the war on iraq 2004, directed by robert. United states gradually reduced its military presence in iraq, formally completing its withdrawal.

Robert greenwald, founder and president of brave new films bnf, is an awardwinning television. Debunking the bush administration the ciaas senior political analyst on iraq during the iraniraq war, and then, from 1988 to 2000, pelletiere was senior professor of national security affairs and the u. Robert greenwald produces and directs the documentary uncovered. The usled war in iraq has created a healthcare disaster in a country.

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