Patrice o'neal elephant in the room 2011 season 2

Patrice oneal elephant in the room bonus footage youtube. Getting old exercise typing spelling subscribe to receive our latest uploads. The title to the special is perfect for him, because he always addressed the elephant in the room that no one would want to acknowledge, he would break the ice. Patrice oneal himself says he is most proud of this dvd because it is the most real of his work available. Elephant in the room is a stand up special by comedian patrice oneal, released by comedy central. Beloved standup comedian patrice oneal, who died in 2011 at age 41, is the subject of a new documentary in the works at comedy central. Elephant in the room, filmed at the acclaimed montreal comedy festival. Patrice oneal elephant in the room standup comedy 2011. He ponders sexual harassment, how long people search for missing white women and the stereotypes black men endure when it comes to animal cruelty. Patrice oneal elephant in the room 2011 best stand up comedy show best comedian ever. The chicago standup comedy special w karlous miller, dc young fly, chico bean ft. Filmed at the new york comedy festival, comedian patrice oneal stars in his first and only fulllength standup special. A month after a debilitating stroke in october of 2011, patrice oneal died.

Patrice malcolm oneal was an american standup comedian, actor, and radio host. Patrice oneal instructs the women in the audience to be responsible for safe sex. Now, if you ask me my favorite comedian, ill tell you gilbert gottfried. Oneal died of a stroke resulting from his type 2 diabetes on november 29, 2011, at the age of 41. Elephant in the room 2011 starring patrice oneal on dvd and bluray. Oneal s death was first reported by his friends from the opie and. Better call sauls season finale reveals what kim might do with time on her hands and no. Patrice oneal must go on the defensive whenever his girlfriend gets her period. Elephant in the room elephant in the room is a stand up special by comedian patrice oneal, released by comedy central. He was educated at west roxbury high school and went on to attend northeastern university, both in boston. Its great to get these earlier performances on comedy central dvds, as you get to see how oneals changed as a comic in the past seven years, even if he was excellent back. The network announced today that its teamed up with. Full transcript of elephant in the room, stand up special by comedian patrice oneal, released by comedy central.

Patrice oneal timeline featuring tv shows and other. Most praised his unique perspective, critical thinking, and. It seems like everyone was introduced to him through that special and then that led people to want to see what else was available and sadly there wasnt much. The dvd also includes audio commentary by patrice oneal providing the back stories for each episode from its conception to completion as well as many degrading tirades directed at everyone that was. Elephant in the room is a comedy special that was released in 2011. Elephant in the room 2011 elephant in the room, filmed at the acclaimed montreal comedy festival, is patrices first fulllength special. Just now watching an elephant in the room and saw you on the charlie sheen roast all i have to say is patrice, there will never be another you. Earlier today, fellow comedian jim norton confirmed oneal s death via twitter, where he wrote, yes its true that our pal patrice oneal has passed away.

Hilarious stand up from patrice oneal on the nasty show. There are certain rules patrice oneal observes when it comes to commenting on womens body parts in an office. Elephant in the room is one of the funniest stand up comedy dvds i have ever seen in my life. Patrice oneal elephant in the room menwomen lookin good sexual. Elephant in the room, filmed at the acclaimed montreal comedy festival, is patrices first. Even though men love their wives and families, they still think that a girl passed out behind a dumpster looks pretty cute. Oneal was born in new york in 1969, but moved to boston when he was just 1 year old.

In just a few hours following patrice oneals death, a flood of goodbyes and tributes has come from fellow comedians via twitter. After this, various jobs followed including a sausage cart vendor at a train station, flower seller and popcorn seller at the boston garden arena. With his unforgiving look at the world, oneal digs. Ross lynch fires pucks all over the place as he teaches jay how to be a hockey goalie in the special skills season finale.

Patrice oneal elephant in the room 2011 enter the vision for. Clip from patrice oneals comedy central standup special, elephant in the room. An extended and uncensored dvd cut followed soon after. In 2011, nine months before his death, comedy central released the debut hourlong standup special from patrice oneal. Here is some bonus footage where he takes on a woman who asks him. The room film stand up comedy videos scary movie 2 this magic moment elephant room stand up comics comedy jokes english online humour. Patrice oneal believes that he would kill himself if his nose bled every month. Patrice oneal do not get married by billy nunez video.

It looks like we dont have a synopsis for this title yet. It is the comedians only hourlength special and his first to be released on dvd or cd. The last extra is oneals comedy central presents episode from 2003, running 21 minutes. Still, when hes doing stand up involving people that most of his audience hasnt heard of and using jokes that are as old as the references i feel like hes not trying that hard in that department lately. Patrice oneal elephant in the room hd english, patrice o. Elephant in the room debuts tonight on comedy central at 10 p. Comedian patrice oneal died this morning as a result of the stroke he had at the end of october, his rep announced. Season one dvd, featuring the first episodes of this groundbreaking, controversial web series starring the incredibly funny, patrice oneal. Patrice oneals stand up special, elephant in the room, is hilarious. An oral history of patrice oneals elephant in the room.

After quizzing the audience on their safesex practices, patrice oneal describes the awkwardness of using a dental dam. Comedy type and films original is name patrice oneal elephant in the room. In his routine, he talks about relationships and animal cruelty. The comedian performs at the montreal comedy festival in front of a sold out audience. Patrice o neal compares the search for a missing white girl and a missing peruvian girl to. Deleted scenes patrice oneal elephant in the room 2011. Find patrice oneal elephant in the room by comedy central rec. Patrice oneal elephant in the room full version part 4 by jreg88. In 2010 oneal released his first and only hourlength special, elephant in the room for comedy central, an uncut version of which was released on cd and dvd. Later than year, oneal made a impressive appearance on the comedy central roast of charlie sheen, going offthecuff to comment on william shatner and delivering a sincere statement of respect for sheen. Enjoy a rich lineup of tv shows and movies included with your prime.

Patrice was always great at walking into a room and sizing people up quickly, not to mention zeroing in on insecurities and calling attention to something everyones avoiding addressing. Patrice oneal elephant in the room 2011 best stand up comedy. Patrice o neal elephant in the room 2011 for sale online. Ive never met him but i feel as i did because of how his character came through on so many vids. Patrice oneal elephant in the room clip 2011 youtube. I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of real comedy. Elephant in the room 2011 1 2 out of 4 i think its fair to say that if it wasnt for the roast of charlie sheen then perhaps patrice oneal wouldnt have such a following. Featuring 40 minutes of additional content not seen on television, patrice brings his trademark absurdism and friendly yet noholdsbarred style to material on race and gender politics, relationships and more.

Aired in february of 2011, just nine months before oneal s death, comedy centrals elephant in the room captures the blistering vitality of the comic as he lays siege to a howling. Patrice oneal reveals the surprising logic behind why men cheat. Remembering the greatness of patrice oneal the interrobang. Patrice oneal schools brawd on funny by distortion09. Elephant in the room and get the latest breaking news, exclusive videos and pictures, episode recaps and much more at. He grew up in boston and developed an interest in standup comedy at a young age, first. Patrice oneal takes on forbidden subjects like no one else can. How relationships make or break the success of leaders and organizations by diana mclain smith and peter senge aug 9, 2011 3. In february of 2011, comedy central broadcast his first hourlong special, elephant in the room.

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