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The most common connection types depend on the industry where the nozzles are being used. External mixflat fan or narrow round design features separate atomizing and. Greenfield, ma technical services engineer bete fog nozzle, inc. Each application is followed by several bete nozzle. A convergentdivergent gas nozzle atomizes a liquid provided through a lid delivery tube having an aperture which is centered within a central gas conduit of an upstream mixing block connected to the nozzle.

Bex spray nozzles are available in many different connection styles. The nozzle combines an inlet end portion 10 and an outlet or spray portion 12. A combination fog and straight stream nozzle designed for efficiency with foam or water on offshore rigs and in industrial applications. We make tens of thousands of different products, including fog and misting nozzles, tank washing nozzles, material injection nozzles, custom spray lances, fabrications and spraying systems. Bete was the first nozzle manufacturer to achieve and. Spray patterns include axial, tangential whirl, and spiral hollow cone nozzles. The bete original design remains one of the major advances in. Fire protection, flat fan spray, air atomizing, full cone, spiral, hollow cone,misting,straight jet, tank washing mixing, impingement and whirl.

The chart on this page shows the 40 materials most often. Combine your process experience with our nozzle expertise today. Specifying spray nozzles, flow rate, viscosity, system design. N full cone nozzle bete deutschland nozzles, spray. These nozzles feature superior performance unequalled by traditional whirl nozzles. The inlet end of the nozzle includes a tubular coupling member 14 for connecting a conduit or hose 16 fig.

Spray nozzle experts bete spray nozzles spray nozzle. Bete fog nozzle is the industry leader in the manufacturing of flue gas desulfurization nozzles. Tf full cone nozzle bete deutschland nozzles, spray. Durable nozzle with multiple fan patterns to provide dense fog. Bete pj fog and misting nozzle john brooks company. Greenfield, ma prweb june 26, 2015 bete fog nozzle is pleased to announce the introduction of their new aff series of fire protection spray nozzles. Spray nozzle manufacturer, spiral nozzle,tank clean nozzle. The table below summarised important information from the full cone spray pattern section of the bete limited website. Standard fan nozzle design features onepiece construction no internal parts sizes for all applications male connection spray characteristics high impact uniform distribution. Smallest physical size, impingement, fog, atomizing. Open printable hacatalogue page pdf request a quote. Us6173790b1 process and device for atomizing liquid. The bete xaer, which enables effective spraying of viscous fluids at very fine atomization and low flow rates, is the latest addition to the bete range of spray nozzles. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at bete fog nozzle.

Bete has a full range of hollow cone spray nozzles, covering the complete scope of angles and flow rates. View by application area or call for help with product selection. The throat of the nozzle is dimensioned such that its inside diameter is equal to the. The aperture of the liquid delivery tube is located just upstream of a narrowed throat of the nozzle. Fogging nozzle system the fog nozzle converts ordinary water into billions of micronsize water particle when operated at psi or higher pressure.

Pdf tc high flow full cone spray nozzles bete fog nozzle, inc. This bete highefficiency spiral was designed specifically with critical fire and explosion suppression applications in mind. Bete engineers have been global leaders in spray nozzle design and manufacturing for more than half a century. Two spray conesan outer, wide angle cone and a narrower inner cone combine to give full cone effect. Proper selection of a nozzle type and size is essential for correct and accurate. Bete deutschland gmbh was founded in 1991 in bochum ruhrgebiet middle west part of germany as a subsidiary of bete fog nozzle. To help, here is a list of some of the more common uses for spray nozzles. Based on the success with the n spiral nozzles in the fire protection industry, bete has expanded its product line to now include fmapproved ff flat fan spray nozzles. Check with bete for critical dimension applications. Consult betes entire bete spray nozzle catalog catalogue on directindustry. The mixture is conveyed through a conduit to a distributing device such as extinguishing nozzles. Contact bete for specific data on critical applications.

Bete stock a broad range of full cone nozzles and can also engineer exactly the. Fine spray, air atomizing, spray nozzle systems, accessories 18. A process and a device for atomization of a liquid extinguishing medium, in which the liquid extinguishing medium and a liquid inert gas are mixed in a mixing unit to form a liquid extinguishing medium mixture. We ship a variety of nozzle designs to customers worldwide. For over 70 years, bete has provided innovative spray technology solutions for customers. Bete stock a broad range of full cone nozzles and can also engineer exactly the right product for the job. We make tens of thousands of different products, including fog and misting nozzles, tank washing nozzles, material injection nozzles. Bete fog nozzles new air atomizing nozzle suits high. Filler received a jd degree from boston university law school. Fm and ul approved fire suppression nozzles bete n series. Especially our mist nozzle and dry fog humidifier nozzle. Two spray conesan outer, wide angle cone and a narrower inner cone combine to. Fire protection bete pdf catalogs technical documentation.

Bete spray nozzle catalog bete pdf catalogs technical. As the mixture exits the distributing device the mixture is atomized, forming an. Bete nozzles are in use in a huge range of industries around the world and even in space and the deep ocean. Combine your process experience with our spray nozzle expertise today. Annual report on bete fog nozzles revenue, growth, swot. Products bete deutschland nozzles, spray systems and. For over 60 years, bete has been recognized as the leader in spray nozzle design and innovation. Trademark applications show the products and services that bete fog nozzle is developing and marketing. About bete bete deutschland nozzles, spray systems and.

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