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With akira takarada, joseph cotten, cesar romero, richard jaeckel. Feb 11, 2012 first up is a tv spot for national generals 1970 release of latitude zero. To their rescue comes captain mackenzie joseph cotton citizen kane commander of alpha a hightech atomic submarine. Mediumbodied and brimming with nuances of cedar, sweetspice, and oak, all at an outstanding price, latitude zero experimental blend is one experimental success. Latitude zero was released in japan on july 29, 1969 with a print that was dubbed into japanese. Jan 01, 2018 exjehovahs witness elder explaining why my family and i left the watchtower organization duration. It received a release in the united states by national general pictures.

Being self employed i only get two weeks holiday a year unfortunately over xmas, and dont mind paying to take the family overseas so the kids can see some culture. An underwater volcano erupts and causes the cable to snap huddling the bathosphere into the ocean depths. Motherless has a very large and active community where you can meet like minded individuals. Latitude zero 1969 cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. They are rescued by an atomic super submarine named the alpha under the command of captain mckenzie. In 1969 ishiro honda made latitude zero at toho studios with a. The spring of 1969, the largest oceanographic ship in the world, the japanese research vessel, fuji, has sailed eastwards from the gilbert islands to an area in the equatorial south pacific to investigate and analyse what is known as the cromwell current, a sub. Thats when monsters and mutants sent by the captains rival, a 200 year old scientist, attack. Something had to give, and the effects, along with everything else, vary considerably in quality. Latitude zero atragon ii ido zero daisakusen 1969 rotten. The captain then transports them to the underwater city of latitude zero, whose inhabitants are dedicated to monitoring and protecting human civilization. The three are soon rescued by a couple crew members of a submarine, named alpha, and are taken to a secret underwater base. Latitude zero also bares a resemblance to lost horizon, and an even more distinct resemblance to a serial i loved as a kid entitled undersea kingdom. Of course the film is the little seen and oftrequested 1969 thriller, latitude zero.

The tide was also turning politically as the aforementioned tv series utopianism came to gain ground among liberal thinking people who rose up to oppose war. Subtitles searchable search, download, and request subtitles for latitude zero in any language. The product offered here is an original movie poster of latitude zero. It was directed by ishiro honda and written by ted. I think this is the craziest movie ishiro honda ever directed.

May 27, 2016 brett homenick richard jaeckel, linda haynes, akira takarada, joseph cotten, and kin omae prepare for battle in latitude zero 1969. The story was written by ted sherdeman, writer on the 1954 sciencefiction film, them. Its like a liveaction saturday morning cartoon moreso than king kong escapes even. My goodness, after all these years to see i can download myself on the net. On todays show nic and i will be talking about a japanese science fiction and fantasy film latitude zero ido zero daisakusen, 1969 directed by ishiro honda. The film was released to japanese theaters on july 26, 1969, and to american theaters starting in december 1970. Latitude zero of 1969 was the first, and i believe only, toho tokusatsu effectsdriven film shot in english, for an englishspeaking market, and only groomed for japanese release afterward. If youd like to see more screen shots from the film please visit my latitude zero flickr gallery.

However, the middle sections of latitude zero are set in an underwater city with no subs to be seen, but still, those early scenes of zero are very voyage to the bottom of the seanemoish, in fact i almost felt like i discovered some long lost irwin allen production when recently viewing latitude zero for my first time. Joseph cotten stars as commander of the super sub alpha fighting against a mad scientist cesar romero who splices together mutant creatures to rule the world. This version is slightly shorter than the international version, yet still longer than the japanese cut. The movie contains so much fabulous eyecandy that i hard time selecting which images to share. Resort latitude zero offers incredible surfing holidays and luxurious tropical island resort accommodation in western indonesia. A journalist is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200. Unlike the painfully square reporter perry lawton, id have stayed in latitude zero and never returned to the surface. It was directed by ishiro honda and written by ted sherdeman, based on his radio serial of the.

Tags laser batman joseph cotten 1969 latitude zero. Latitudine zero atragon ii honda 1969 \latitudine zero honda 1969. So the proper version of the movie, and the longer cut by 15 minutes, is the english language one. Latitude zero must have been plenty expensive as well, with two super subs, an underwater kingdom and quite a few models and matte paintings to depict it, several battles, malics island, and something like ten monster suits altogether. Man lands on the moon, the cold war is in full swing, and star trek is cancelled prompting a mass writein campaign from devoted scifi enthusiasts across america. The toho release used an american writer and a number of hollywood name stars, all for a lavishly appointed fantasy pitched at a numbingly juvenile level. While the americans and japanese on the production staff got into frequent arguments, at least the costume department had fun. The group is quickly taken to a vast underwater city known as latitude zero, a fantastic, atlantean type utopia, a world beneath the ocean with its own sun.

A re grade angels cut habano ecuador wrapper from 2011 thats easily th. A journalist is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200 year old man who takes him to an underwater paradise city where no one ages. Bmc94latitude zero 1969 ido zero daisakusen toll free. Latitude zero 1969 wikizilla, the kaiju encyclopedia. Latitude zero atragon ii ido zero daisakusen 1969 april 2020 an unexpected volcanic eruption causes an advanced submarine to take refuge in a secret. Latitude zero subtitles 10 subtitles download movie and. Latitude zero, i found, doesnt have a lot of strength in its plot. An ageless submarine captain joseph cotten ferries three explorers to an underwater colony threatened by a villain cesar romero. Phibes and cesar romero joker from the 1960s batman series. Latitude zero has been an awesome brand since day 1 that they were introduced, and in my humble opinion, excursion is their best cigar yet.

Latitude zero background 1 latitude zero background 2. Latitude zero 1969, united states atragon ii 1969, international. Their rescue comes from a submarine whose captain, mackenzie, has several unusual characteristics, not the least of which is his age. Toho studios may mostly be known for their godzilla and other kaiju movies but in the late 60s they created a little gem called latitude zero, where an altruistic nemo type. English title ido 0 daisakusen 1969, japan, alternative spelling kaitei daisenso ido zero daisakusen 1969 latitude zero military tactics 1969. The great latitude 0 operation is a 1969 tokusatsu science fiction film produced by toho and based on the radio serial latitude zero created by ted sherdeman.

Two scientists and a reporter are lowered into the ocean in a bathosphere to study the effects of the cromwell current. If u find any movie with download link unavailable leave a comment under that movie i will reupload quick. Released in 1969, this japaneseus coproduction was based on a popular radio serial written by ted sherdeman. This is a direct transliteration from the japanese. Details about latitude zero 1969 movie poster text in hebrew. The program dwells on the doings of one captain craig mckenzie. Jul 11, 2009 latitude zero 1969 1997 do you like latitude zero 1969. Aug 25, 2014 today we take a look at the brand new latitude zero experimental. Akira takarada and akihiko hirata speak english in the englishlanguage version and are not dubbed.

If you need something photorealistic, if you lack the imagination to suspend your disbelief for 100 minutes, if you cant appreciate laser cannons and flying subs and giant attackrats, then you dont deserve this movie. Latitude zero is an entertaining scifi adventure that feels like jules verne meets gene roddenberry. Our paradise island sits almost right on the equator yep, latitude. The film stars both american and japanese actors including joseph cotten, cesar romero, akira takarada, masumi okada, richard jaeckel, patricia medina, and akihiko hirata. The scifi world of the late 60s saw a number of weird anglojapanese mutations spring to life, like the terrifying spaceborn menace, the green slime. Like many books before and after it, the common theme of an unfortunate mishap such as a plane crash stranding ordinary citizens and leading them to behaviour previously never thought possible, survival instincts kicking in, has been done to death in everything from lord of the flies to the beach to the girl who loved tom. Latitude zero 1969 aka ido zero daisakusen article 2126 by dave sindelar viewing date.

Frankenstein conquers the world may be an odd japanesemade international coproduction, but 1969 s latitude zero is twice as strange. Latitude zero is an oftenoverlooked film in hondas impressive body of work and was made by toho studios with a japanese crew and american producers and writers. Latitude is an angle defined below which ranges from 0 at the equator to 90 north or south at the poles. Latitude zero from toeis latitude zero 1 or, submarine ball 2 this is a direct transliteration from japanese.

Latitude zero is a 1969 tokusatsu film directed by ishiro honda with special effects by eiji tsuburaya sadly, being his last sciencefiction film. Three deep sea explorers find themselves trapped underwater after an earthquake. Jul 15, 2015 latitude zero takes its name from ecuador, an homage to their supplier oliva tobacco companys major growing area and the origin of the gorgeous wrapper leaf gracing their new premium brand. Though this film didnt perform well, it holds a special place in the hearts of many tokusatsu fans. But if youre looking for a good time in an undersea dome in the year 1969. Latitude zero is a 1969 film about a journalist who is saved by a giant submarine captained by a 200 year old man who takes him to an underwater paradise city where no one ages. Ido zero daisakusen, ido zero daisakusen, atragon ii, kaitei daisenso ido zero daisakusen latitude zero, atragon ii, latitude zero military tactics. This is the trailer for the 1969 japaneseamerican scifi adventure starring joseph cotton citizen kane, the third man, dr. Latitude zero 1969 trailer english version youtube.

In geography, latitude is a geographic coordinate that specifies the northsouth position of a point on the earths surface. One response to contaminated man 2000 dalibor says. There, the submarines captain discovers and attempts to. Latitude and longitude details can be relayed to the triple zero operator as well as an address and suburb details. The surf resort is situated on its own private island, off the west coast of sumatra in the telo islands, which is north of the mentawai islands. It was directed by ishiro honda and written by ted sherdeman, based on his radio serial of the same name. The spring of 1969, the largest oceanographic ship in the world, the japanese research vessel, fuji, has sailed eastwards from the gilbert islands to an area in the equatorial south pacific to investigate and analyse what is known as the cromwell current, a subsurface stream flowing eastwards from new. Latitude zero 0, ido zero daisakusen, is a 1969 science fiction film.

It was produced by don sharp, funded largely by toho, and directed by ishiro honda. The explorers are taken to latitude zero, an underwater paradise located fifteen. For fans of ultraman, if youve ever wondered what hayata susumo kurobe sounds like speaking englishwell, here ya go. The captain takes the crew to a secret underwater utopia called latitude zero that is dedicated to the preservation and protection of mankind. Discover the incredible world of tomorrow15 miles straight down at latitude zero. Review of the japaneseamerican scifi movie latitude zero 1969, starring joseph cotten and cesar romer. Latitude zero is an oftenoverlooked film in hondas impressive body of work. Fandom apps take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Heres the original english version of latitude zero. An unexpected volcanic eruption causes an advanced submarine to take refuge in a secret underwater city in this japanese scifi adventure.

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